Thursday Tier 2

2Mitel United147074746121
4Beckhams Offspring146085569-1418

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1Qemail VUNIQITremors31
2Karim IDOUDIBurners25
3Michael OSBORN Burners17
4Stephan GORALMitel United14
5Ashkan BEIGZADEHBeckhams Offspring12
6Afrim BEGATremors11
7Decio MENEZES Burners11
8Jeff BEATYMitel United11
9Avni BEGATremors10
10Kevin RIDGWAYBeckhams Offspring10

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Play Off
Pumas5 - 2 Cap Pun
BadGirlz5 - 3 Her-ricanes
Lasers2 - 5 Green Machin


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